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It is very important for dance students to be dressed in appropriate dance attire so that instructors can observe body placement. Please follow the listed dress/shoe guidelines for female dancers.

  • Ballet: solid colored leotard in ballet pink or black, ballet pink tights, pink ballet shoes, ballet skirts optional

  • Tap: form-fitting dancewear, optional tights, shoes: tan strap for younger dancers, tan dolly for intermediate dancers, tan oxford for intermediate II/III dancers, black oxford for intermediate IV/advanced dancers

  • Jazz: form-fitting dancewear, no baggy pants or t-shirts, optional tights, black split-sole jazz shoes

  • Gymnastics: form-fitting dancewear, no tights, no shoes

  • Male dancers should wear gym shorts, bikers or close fitting sweatpants and t-shirts. Please check with the instructor before ordering dance shoes for male dancers.

    All students’ hair must be tied back and secured for class. A bun is preferred for all ballet classes.

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